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Where I Find My Poetry…

A Fullness in Brevity - Adam Byatt

At band rehearsal this week (I play in a covers band for weddings and corporate functions) I scribbled this onto a scrap of paper between songs as the band rehearsed with a drummer who is filling in for me for an upcoming gig.

I’d had the title floating in my head for about a week and an idea of what I wanted to write. Originally I intended it to be a simple blog post about how I, as a writer and poet, find my inspiration and ideas. 

The idea was composting in my head and while I lounged behind the sound desk I scribbled this out.

Where I Find PoetryWhere I Find Poetry

while searching for loose change in my pocket
between the first splash of milk
when I make a cup of tea
and stir in the sugar
waiting for the hot water to come through
in the shower and I’m standing…

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pense verde

Salada pense verde


1- maçã granny smith com casca, figo seco, passas e amendoim

2- sumo de lima, azeite, orégano, semente de papoula e sésamo

( assim que cortar a maçã adicione um pouco do molho para a mação não oxidar)

3- adicione fiambre de aves e alface coloque o restante do molho

4- acrescente um pouco de carne de frango grelhada (opcional)

5- chá de menta

E aí está uma refeição completa e saudável

Stay simple